Blazing new trails in construction and infrastructure by bringing in new age concepts and techniques, Edge Neoteric Builders aims to build a better tomorrow, today. We continuously research and develop innovative methods to catalyze the growth of the construction and infrastructure industry.

Considering the fast paced industrial developments happening in the country, today’s construction methods are inadequate to cater to its ever-growing needs. To overcome this challenge and revolutionize the way infrastructure being built, Edge Neoteric Builders introduces Light Steel Frame Construction - an innovative method which enables quicker, less expensive and eco-friendly construction.

With the very advanced ‘QWIKNEXT’ technology and the high quality ‘TUFFRAME’, Edge is taking Light Steel Frame construction to the next level. A provider of effective and efficient solutions for building better infrastructures, We, Edge Neoteric Builders, ensure matchless quality and high reliability in every service we offer.

Our Philosophy

As a human being, we all have the urge to grow and develop. It is this urge that makes us think ahead of time and equip ourselves for the opportunities and challenges that await us in the future. At Edge Neoteric Builders, we’re also driven by this urge. That’s why we meticulously analyze the changes across the globe and constantly endeavour to evolve high value ideas and innovative technologies that will give the construction and infrastructure industry an edge on the future. It will further empower the industrial development and thereby accelerate the prosperity of the nation.

Our Vision

To be a facilitator of change in the Indian construction and infrastructure industry and also to make these changes beneficial to all walks of society.

Our Mission

To continually observe the emerging trends in the society and analyze its impacts on construction and infrastructure industry. To develop high quality ideas and innovative methods that help the industry successfully overcome the future challenges.