Conceived and developed by Edge Neoteric Builders, QWIKNEXT Technology is an innovative construction method using light steel frames which empowers quicker, stronger and easier construction. The unique QWIKNEXT Technology consists of several processes including preparing the structural design using Edge’s advanced software, building the structure using steel frames, fixing the steel wall and roof panels, installing plumbing and electrical systems and the final touches. From low-rise to high-rise buildings, schools to hospitals, factories to warehouses, it enables you build anything you want to build within shorter period of time and that too with lesser consumption of resources. Powered by innovation, QWIKNEXT Technology ensures durability, versatility, cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness

Cutting-edge advantages that make
EDGE a truly neoteric builder

Quicker Construction

With steel frames prefabricated according to the structural design, QWIKNEXT Technology allows faster erection of the structure and thereby ensures quicker construction.

Lesser labour

As the high-tech machineries for measuring and cutting steel frames help in minimizing errors, labourers are needed only for assembling the frames and it saves you more labour force.

More strength and durability

TUFFRAME is used as the main component for construction in QWIKNEXT Technology. Superior quality steel being its raw material, TUFFRAME gives more strength and durability to the structures.

Uses very less natural resources

While traditional construction methods depend highly on natural resources like sand and wood, QWIKNEXT Technology uses steel as the main material and it reduces the usage of scarcely available natural resources.

Aesthetically brilliant

Known for its ductility, steel can be moulded into any shape. Taking advantage of the versatility of steel, our expert architects and talented designers give shape to their imaginations and craft aesthetically brilliant buildings.

Zero waste construction

With thoughtfully designed plans and a team to implement it brilliantly, QWIKNEXT Technology makes sure that there will be no wastage of construction materials. Powered by state-of-the-art machineries, the process of measuring and cutting of steel frames is done very accurately to ensure zero waste construction.


QWIKNEXT Technology proves to be a more cost-effective method because it requires lesser labour and less expensive materials. As light steel frame buildings need very little maintenance, the maintenance cost can also be reduced.

Reusable materials

All the components used to build Light Steel Frame Buildings can be reused. The reusability of the construction materials gets rid of unnecessary hassles of managing construction waste and saves you more money


Compared to the traditional building techniques, QWIKNEXT Technology uses lesser amount of natural resources like sand, wood and water. And the materials used for construction can be recycled. It reduces construction waste and thereby helps in preventing environmental hazards. All these features make Edge Neoteric Builders a promoter of eco-friendly construction.